Drop and Shop the Mothercare Black Friday Sale!

Drop and Shop the Mothercare Black Friday Sale!

Eddie Catz is running a one hour sessional drop and shop for children ages 3-8 within the soft plays in Mothercare during the Black Friday sale period running on Friday 29th November, from 9.30am-11.30am.

Each session costs £7.00, however if you spend £50 or more in Mothercare on the day you will receive £5.00 off your purchases.

Places are limited to 20 spaces per hour.

Suitable strictly for ages:

  • 3-8 Manchester and Cribbs Causeway
  • 3-6 Solihull and Gateshead
  • 3-7 Leeds

Places must be booked in advance and can be booked online at https://partybookingonline.eddiecatz.com/Events

Your child’s place is not confirmed as booked until we have emailed you a confirmation with a registration form which needs to be completed and brought in on the day.

Children will not be given food but water will be available.

Supervising staff will be DBS checked.

In order to ensure the wellbeing of your children, the following guidelines are in place for parents/carers using the drop and shop facility:

  1. Children must be familiar with the staff and feel comfortable before parents/carers may Parents may leave. Please arrive in ample time to allow this. Session cannot be extended.
  2. The parent/carer must be carrying a mobile phone in order that they may be contacted by staff if their child is unwell or distressed.
  3. If the child becomes unwell, they must be collected and a refund will not be given.

(The number of the telephone must be left with the staff when signing in.)

  1. Parents should be within 10 minutes distance of the Eddie Catz centre and must return immediately if requested to do so by the Eddie Catz Manager
  2. Late collections will be charged at £5 for every 5 minutes period.
  3. Please ensure that you adjust your watch in line with the clock at Eddie Catz as this will be used as our “official time keeper”