About Eddie Catz’s Founders

Hi! We are Maria and Darren, parents of two teenagers and the owners of Eddie Catz. We had a eureka moment back in 2004, when we both had “real” jobs and two very young children. We saw the need for an upmarket play facility, a place where our kids could have an enriching experience by playing and learning in a safe and clean environment whilst we could have a grown-up space to chill out, read the newspaper, surf the internet, have a meal or join a class with our kids.

We also wanted a place where you could host a stress free birthday party that wouldn’t break the bank and wreck your house and where children could enjoy a healthy meal.  So, in a moment of madness we decided to create one ourselves! We quit our jobs and with the huge support of our extended family, friends and a bank willing to take a risk we opened our first Eddie Catz on Putney High Street in April 2005.

Eddie Catz is 11 years old, but we are still run by the team we started with – just all a bit more grown up! In 2008 we purchased the old Tiger’s Eye in Merton which became Eddie Catz No.2. We then found an abandoned softplay in Newbury and turned it into Eddie Catz No.3. In January of this year we took over the much loved It’s a Kids Thing in Earlsfield which is now No.4.

Now we are going national! This year Mothercare has asked us to open mini softplays in store. Our first opens in July in Mothercare Leeds in Crown Point Retail Park.

When your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren are looking for a fun place to play or have a birthday party, see what our Eddie Catz centres have to offer and come pay us a visit. If you see us be sure to say hello.

We look forward to welcoming you to Eddie Catz!

Maria & Darren Johnson

Eddie Catz appearance daily at all our centres

Please call your local centre to check times.

My daughter had the best birthday party ever at Eddie Catz – the children had non-stop fun followed by fab food and then danced with Eddie to their hearts delight!
Katie’s Mum

Thank you Eddie Catz for my great party. I LOVED every second and so did my friends.
Tom, age 9