What’s included in your visit to Eddie Catz

  • An admission qualifies you for a play period of 2 hours. This may be enforced during busy periods. There is no need to book. The prices quoted are for one admission and there is no re-entry on this same admission.
  • Under 16’s must be accompanied by an Adult.
  • Prices and opening times may vary and be subject to change.
  • Remember to read our Rules of Play below before visiting.
  • Eddie Catz takes no responsibility for external web content or prices published other than on its own site.

School Holidays

Some of our Offers and Off Peak Prices may not be available during School Holidays. School holidays are intended as those dates published by the local councils which we use as a guideline. In the case of multiple local schools having INSET days and different start dates. Eddie Catz peak price dates may vary so please call to avoid disappointment.

Eddie Catz Rules of Play

  • Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 16yrs or over at all times and must not be left on the premises unattended unless enrolled in a scheduled drop-off workshop.
  • Please notify Reception (as you enter) if the child you are accompanying has a disability or special need of any type.
  • Not all of our venues have wheelchair access to all parts so if you are attending a class or event please check access with the venue before visiting.
  • No under 16’s are allowed, unless accompanied by an adult.
  • All adults must be accompanied by a child.
  • Children remain the responsibility of Parents/Guardians at all times and must be supervised by them. Our Staff monitor the equipment and have access to First Aid facilities, but are not responsible for supervising children.
  • No smoking is allowed on the premises (including E-cigarettes)
  • We provide good food for people of all ages. Please do not bring food in from outside as we do not have a picnic area. Eddie Catz has a licensed restaurant and as such we have to adhere to strict regulations as laid out by the Health & Safety Executive. These regulations are the same stipulated for any restaurant and do not permit members of the public to bring food other than that prepared on the premises. This is with the exception of baby food (children under 1yr). Please respect this policy as we will have to ask you to put your food away or leave the premises to eat it and will not be able to refund your admission or allow re-entry.
  • For the safety of the children, strictly no use of cameras, video equipment or mobile phone cameras is allowed, except in the party rooms and only with our permission.
  • All notices, regulations and evacuation procedures are to be observed.
  • Eddie Catz does not accept responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal belongings brought on to the premises.
  • During peak periods Eddie Catz reserves the right to limit play sessions to 2 hours and to restrict the numbers of children using the play area. Customers will be admitted on a first come first served basis and will be made aware of the time restrictions before paying.
  • Eddie Catz reserves the right to refuse admission at any time and to ask any person or persons to leave at its sole discretion and without warning or reason. Disruptive behaviour and bullying will not be tolerated.
  • If you are dropping off a child for an Eddie Catz workshop you must complete a Registration Form for the child before leaving the premises.
  • Children who are unwell must not use the facilities. Should a child be sick while at Eddie Catz they will need to leave the premises for risk of infection to other children.
  • Height and age restrictions are in force in the playframe and for the safety of all children Eddie Catz Staff will enforce them.
  • Shoes must be removed before playing in the playframe, but socks must be kept on for hygiene reasons. Pens, buckles, jewellery, watches, money, sharp objects or any objects that may be a hazard must not be taken into the playframe, even in pockets.
  • No food, drinks or sweets are permitted in the carpeted area, play areas and in the playframe. No chewing gum is allowed on the premises.
  • Eddie Catz has worked to design a safe and fun environment for children to play but cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of playing on any play equipment or for children tripping, falling and bumping into other children or fixed objects.
  • As Eddie Catz caters to children between the ages of 0 and 12 years some games or classes may be developmentally advanced for your child. Parental guidance is therefore strongly encouraged and recommended.
  • Children attending a drop off workshop or event at Eddie Catz must have a Workshop Registration Form completed and signed by their parent/guardian. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD A REGISTRATION FORM
  • Aggressive behaviour to other customers or to Eddie Catz staff will not be tolerated. Disruptive behaviour is not fair to our hardworking Team Members and the enjoyment of other customers. Eddie Catz reserves the right to ask any customer causing disruption to leave and will not be held liable to refund the visit.

Eddie Catz FAQ’s

When can I visit an Eddie Catz Centre?

Eddie Catz centres are open 7 days a week. Any seasonal closings can be viewed on our website. There is no need to book for any of our venues. Our opening times vary from venue to venue and some centres may close early for private parties or special events. Please check the opening times section of our website before visiting.

When does Eddie Catz come out to meet the children?

Eddie comes out to meet and greet the children up to twice a day unless he is at an event, party or the beauty salon. An admission does not guarantee an Eddie visit. Please check the meet and greet times on the noticeboard at Reception or call on the day of your visit. He does not appear daily in our Mothercare concessions. Please check our What’s On pages to see when Eddie will be visiting Mothercare.

Why is child’s admission charge by height in some Centres?

We charge according to the facilities the children can use, which in the play industry is based on weight and height as well as developmental age.

Do babies have to pay?

Eddie Catz provides facilities for all ages and this does carry a cost, from play equipment to nappy disposal. Hence we do have a charge for babies and this varies from venue to venue depending to size and offering and is inclusive of VAT.

Why is there a charge for adults to visit some venues?

Eddie Catz charges for adults in some venues where there is a strict capacity level and also as we are providing a service for adults including magazines, newspapers, Wi-Fi, toilets alongside comfortable seating. There is no charge for adults in Mothercare concessions.

Do the children need to wear socks?

Yes. Eddie Catz asks that all children and adults where applicable in the play areas have socks on.

Can I try one of the classes for free?

This depends on the class and whether or not it fully booked. Most classes are booked a term at a time (usually Jan-March, April-July, Sept-Dec) and may have reached capacity for their term.

If you want to try a class please contact the class provider directly or speak to our Reception Team and they will take your details and pass them on to our class instructors who will then be in touch with you to arrange the trial session.

If you are attending a free trial then admission is still payable on the day of your trial class and you can then enjoy a FREE play session at Eddie Catz (this does not include Mothercare centres).

Can we bring a picnic, snacks or food?

Eddie Catz has a strict “no food and drinks from outside” policy, which is enforced by our Management Teams. This is primarily for the health and safety of all of our customers, above all those with severe allergies, but also as our livelihood depends in part on our Café. Our in house Café serve a variety of food and drink options to cater to all tastes, ages and times of day and we cater for all food intolerances as well as offering Halal options. The same applies within our Mothercare softplay areas where there is an independent cafe serving food. 

Why do you serve alcohol?

Eddie Catz centres with Cafes serve alcohol predominantly for guests at our birthday parties. Eddie Catz operates a strict challenge 25 policy, and Eddie Catz Team and Management monitor all customers’ behaviour and will remove and reserve the right to serve any customer who appears to be intoxicated within our premises. Eddie Catz reserves the right at the discretion of the Manager to not serve any customer who appears to be intoxicated.

I have a food allergy? Does your Café offer Free From options?

We cater for all major food intolerances ranging from egg and dairy to wheat and gluten. We also offer Halal options.

We endeavour to be a NUT FREE environment. Our food and recipes do not contain nuts, however, some of our suppliers cannot guarantee that the products supplied by them are manufactured in completely nut free environment.

Please ask our Café Team for our Food Allergens table if you or your child suffer from any allergies.

Within Mothercare this varies from venue to venue – please check with the Cafe concession before your visit.

Can I take photos inside an Eddie Catz Centre?

Eddie Catz allows the use of photographic equipment within all venues, however, we would ask that you are mindful of other customer’s privacy and only take photos of children within your party or group. Should the Eddie Catz Team ever be taking photographs within our centres, we will seek your express permission prior to beginning. 

Is there a discount available if I want or have a shorter visit?

An admission qualifies you for a 2 hour play. Eddie Catz does not offer reduced rates for a shorter visit or for visits at the beginning or the end of the day. Customers are welcome to stay and play all day in our off-peak periods. A 2 hour play session may be enforced during busy periods.

Can I get a cheaper rate if I’m bringing a school or group to play?

Yes. We offer a range of discounted prices and offers for schools and nurseries. Please refer to our website for more information and call your local venue to book. 

Do you offer a discount for children with disabilities or special needs?

Yes. The child’s carer can enter FREE of charge. A valid Disability ID Card or Max Card must be shown. The child’s admission fees are not discounted. In our Mothercare concessions where adults do not pay there is an equivalent discount.

Can I leave and return for another play on the same day?

Your admission qualifies you for a one-off play session only. Re-admission is not permitted and you will be charged the admission fee once again to re-enter the premises. If you would like to enter frequent times during one day, it may be worth considering taking out an Eddie Catz membership with which you can visit as many times as you wish in one day with no additional fees or charges.

Is there wheelchair access at your venues?

Not all of our venues have wheelchair access, please see the information below with regards to disabled access to our venues.

  • Putney – This centre is a first floor location, there is lift access available via the emergency exit on Felsham Road. Please call in advance of your visit so a member of the team can come and assist you.
  • Wimbledon – There is access to the ground floor only. Please call in advance for information with regards to access to camps, workshops or birthday parties. Please note there is no specific disabled parking, however, if you call in advance, we will try our best to block a parking space for you.
  • Earlsfield – This is a ground floor venue only and has wheelchair access.
  • Newbury – There is access to the ground floor only. Please call in advance for information with regards to access to camps, workshops or birthday parties. Please note there is no specific disabled parking, however, if you call in advance, we will try our best to block a parking space for you.
  • In Mothercare – these are all on the first floor except Cribbs Causeway. Disabled car parking and access is available. 
What happens to lost property?

Eddie Catz stores lost property for one week once it has been found within the centre. Following this one week period, lost property is disposed of. Please call the centre to see if your property has been found and arrange a collection.

Do your centres have parking?

Not all Eddie Catz centres have attached parking. Our Wimbledon and Newbury centres have small car parks that work on a first-come first-served basis, with no reservations or holding spaces for parties or functions. There is other nearby parking at both of these centres. Putney and Earlsfield have pay and display parking nearby. Eddie Catz does not lend or issue parking permits at any of our centres and are not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle.

Eddie Catz appearance daily at all our centres

Please call your local centre to check times.

My daughter had the best birthday party ever at Eddie Catz – the children had non-stop fun followed by fab food and then danced with Eddie to their hearts delight!
Katie’s Mum

Thank you Eddie Catz for my great party. I LOVED every second and so did my friends.
Tom, age 9