Terms & Conditions for Parties

These terms are valid for all party packages, at all Eddie Catz Centres. Please make sure your party guests are aware of any of these terms that may affect them, such as our House Rules and Parking.

Payment Terms and Cancellation

Parties are not confirmed until payment of a non-refundable deposit is received. Deposits are taken by credit card. We accept all major credit cards except American Express. The amount of the deposit is the price of the minimum number of children (party guests) required to book for your package. Private Venue/Exclusive hire parties will require a 50% deposit. Through payment of this deposit you are deemed to have accepted our party Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right prior to this stage to decline any request by you for a Party. We do not take provisional bookings.

Your balance must be settled strictly four days before the party date by cash or credit card. Without this payment we will be unable to host your party. Once full payment is received this is fully non-refundable.

Party and food prices are reviewed from time to time due and may be subject to change without advance warning.

Postponement & Cancellations

Parties at Eddie Catz are non-refundable once booked and the minimum number of guests paid for. A party can be postponed but not less than 2 weeks (14 days) before the date of the party and subject to availability of an alternative slot. We will try our best to accommodate you with a new suitable date and a re-booking fee of £40 will be charged. In the last 2 weeks (14 days) before the party no changes to the time or date can be made. All postponements must be communicated in writing to [email protected] stating the name of the Centre that your party is booked at, alongside your surname and date of your party in the subject field. Eddie Catz will confirm receipt of this.

Your Party Guests

You will receive a reminder email 7 days before the date of your party. At this time, and no later than 4 days before the party, we ask you to log in to our online booking system (if you booked online), add your party guest’s names and any dietary requirements, notes and party extras and finalise your payment. Eddie Catz will not refund the cost for any guests that are last minute cancellations or no-shows.

This will be the time you also settle your balance. Should we not hear from you, the number of guests indicated at the time of your booking will apply. If, once you have paid your balance, you find that you have additional guests please let us know as soon as possible. Eddie Catz can accommodate for 3-5 additional guests on the day of your party taking place, should they be unconfirmed and arrive. To ensure smooth running and sufficient party food portions please ensure that all confirmed guests are paid for 3-4 days prior to your party taking place.

Food Allergies and Special Needs

It is your responsibility to inform Eddie Catz of any food allergies or other important facts concerning all the children and adult guests attending your party. Please speak to our Party Coordinator about the ingredients in your party meal at the time of your booking. A food allergies and intolerance datasheet for our party food can be emailed to you upon request, with alternative options available for both our children and adult menus.

On the Day of your Party

All party guests will be checked in at Reception and given a wristband.  Should the guests have siblings or family that would like to stay at Eddie Catz during the party, then they are welcome to come in and pay our regular Admission fees. There is no charge for adults, babies under 12 months or children over 1.55 meters in height that do not want to play. We ask you to please advise your guests of this. If you wish to pay admission for the siblings of your guests, please inform us. We ask that you please advise your guests that children who are not on the guest list do not get a seat at the party table, food or a take home gift.

Time of your Party & Party Room

All parties last 1.5 – 2 hours depending on the type of party and the time and date of your party is indicated on your Receipt or confirmation email. Should you arrive late we cannot guarantee that your party can be extended. If you have booked a party room it will be yours for the duration of the party. Exiting the party room promptly will enable us to ensure that all parties start on time. Your help and co-operation is much appreciated. Eddie Catz reserves the right to change the party room or party area allocated at booking without any prior notice. We will however always endeavor to inform you of any changes in advance where possible.

Should we not be busy on the day you are welcome to stay and use our play facilities after your party ends. If we are busy or have incoming parties, especially in our smaller venues, Eddie Catz will not be able to extend the playtime for you and your guests beyond the two hours of your party.

Party Host

A Party Host will assist you during your party. Your Host is there to help ensure the party, play time and meal run smoothly – please ask if you have any additional needs. Please note that your Party Host is not an entertainer.

Entertainers & Face Painters

Eddie Catz is happy to recommend or arrange additional entertainment for your party. If you would like us to provide a Facepainter or Entertainer please give us as much advance notice as possible, ideally more than a week before. We cannot guarantee availability of a Facepainter or Entertainer at a week or less notice, and payment must be taken at least 4 day in advance of commencement of the event.

If you wish to bring an entertainer of your own it must be pre-agreed with us and the entertainer must supply proof of valid Public Liability Insurance and a Criminal Record Bureau (DBS) check one week prior to the party. If you wish to bring your own Face painter please ensure they have valid Public Liability Insurance and have shown you their Risk Assessment. Eddie Catz cannot be held responsible for any injuries, allergic reactions or other caused by an independent Entertainer or Face painter or products they may use. Eddie Catz has a comprehensive risk assessment for all face painting products and all staff undergo a full training programme prior to commencement of professional face painting. Our risk assessment will be available to view for the duration of your scheduled face painting event. If you have ordered Face Painting as a party extra, please ensure that the parents of your young guests agree that they may have their faces painted and that they have no communicable skin conditions. Face Painting is low risk, however parents must be aware that skin irritations could arise and Eddie Catz does not accept liability.

Party Bags

Party bags are included in some Eddie Catz party packages. Party bags are age-appropriate and vary from party to party. If Party Bags are not included in your party package they can be purchased from us. Bags are given to your guests as they leave Eddie Catz and checked off your guest list.

Balloons, Theming & Decorations

Your Party Room (or table in the Café) will have decorative balloons. These are not to take away. Should you like helium balloons for your guests to take away there will be an extra charge unless they are included in your package. Any theming or partyware supplied remains the property of Eddie Catz. Please do not take it away or you will be charged a re-stocking fee. Eddie Catz can not guarantee the availability of any particular theme or decoration for any party package, and may at any time withdraw themed decorations without any prior notice. In the event of not being able to offer a theme previously available or purchased, Eddie Catz will endeavour to tell you in advance of your party taking place.

Food and Drinks for Adults

Food and drinks may not be brought into Eddie Catz by customers. The only exception is a birthday cake. We can provide a full buffet and drinks for adults. Eddie Catz is not liable for damage or bodily injury directly or indirectly caused, arising from or which can be attributed to the consumption of alcohol by any persons using the play equipment.

For the Health & Safety of our Customers…

No party poppers or sparklers are allowed on the premises. Eddie Catz will refuse to use any candles or sparklers that we deem unsafe for our premises. Your Party Host will discuss with you if necessary prior to cake serving time. Eddie Catz Rules of Play will apply at all times and are posted within our Centres and on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Car Parking & Access to our Centres

Not all Eddie Catz sites have car parks. In the case that we do have a car park, we cannot guarantee parking at busy times. Customers park on a first come first served basis. In the case that we don’t, we may recommend local parking facilities but customers park at their own risk and must check the parking restrictions. Eddie Catz will not be held responsible for parking fines. For access information, including wheelchair access to our Centres please check the page of the centre you are visiting.

Why are the Party Timings Set?

Eddie Catz hosts thousands of birthday parties per year, and by allocating set times it allows us to ensure that all of our guests have a great time and so that our team are always 100% focused on the customer. Our timeslots are also linked to the room that your party will take place in. Eddie Catz cannot guarantee usage of any particular party room at any given time.

What is the duration of my party?

Eddie Catz parties last between 1 hour 45 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the site your party is held at and the package chosen.

Are balloons included in my package?

This will depend on the party package that has been booked. Our regular Eddie Catz parties do not come with a helium balloon; however this can be added for just £1 per child. There will however be balloons in your party room for decorative purposes only and are not to take home. If you have booked a themed party with us each child will receive a coloured helium balloon that will match the theme chosen for your party. Alternatively, you can add a themed foil balloon for just £2.95 to your party or even a giant number balloon, available in a variety of colours for £7.50.

What happens upon arrival?

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a member of our reception team who will be on hand to take the birthday cake, greet you and your guests, issue wristbands and introduce you to your party host who will then take you down to your designated party area or party room.

What is the role of the Party Host?

Your party host is your key point of contact throughout the party and are on hand to ensure that the party runs smoothly and that you and all of your guests have a great time. Your party host will also lead the entertainment section of the party (where applicable) alongside assist in the serving of food and drinks for children and adults alike. Please note however, that children remain the sole responsibility of the parents at all times.

Do I have to pay for siblings?

If siblings of party guests are attending your party, you can chose from one of the following options:

  • Pay for them as a general admission: This will gain the sibling admission to the relevant Eddie Catz centre and qualifies them for a 2 hour play session. They WILL NOT receive a seat at the table, food and drink or a party bag to take home. Food & Drink can be purchased from our café, and party bags are available for purchase at £2.95.
  • Pay for them as a party guest: This will enable the sibling child to be part of the party. They will qualify for admission, receive a seat at the table, food and drink and a party bag to take home.
  • No payment: You can of course also choose to allow the parent themselves to pay for either an admission or as a party guest (we will of course check with you first in the event the parent would like to pay as a party guest).
Do I have to pay for adults or babies under 1 year old?

No. You are more than welcome to have as many additional adults and babies under the age of 1 attend your party for no extra charge. High chairs will be made available for babies, but they will not receive food and drink or a party bag, unless you chose to pay for them as a party guest.

Can I get a refund for cancellations or no shows on the day?

Eddie Catz does not refund for guests who cancel or do not turn up. This is simply because we would have prepared and ordered for the number stipulated on your booking. In the event of a cancellation or no show Eddie Catz allows for a sibling to take this place or an additional guest to be a replacement.

Can I arrive early on the day of my party?

You are more than welcome to arrive early on the day of your party and enjoy a free play session in our centres; however we cannot guarantee that your party room will be available early, as the room may be in use for another party earlier in the day. We ask that due to the compact nature of our Earlsfield centre and because it occasionally closes to the public for exclusive hires that you only arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your party taking place.

Where can I access my invitations and thank you notes?

Eddie Catz has designed a variety of themed invitations and thank you note templates that you can download and print to use for your party. The link to these will be included within the confirmation email you receive upon booking your party.  We do not print any invitations or thank you notes for customers to pick up.

When do I need to pay the balance for my party?

Your balance is payable 4 days before your party and you will receive an email reminder of this if you booked your party online. If you booked your party in store, a member of the team will call you 4 days before your party to make all necessary final arrangements.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

For the health & safety of all our customers and visitors, Eddie Catz has a strict no food and drink from outside policy that will be adhered to by our centre management teams at all times. The Eddie Catz Whiskers Café is open throughout the day and serves a wide range of hot and cold food options alongside soft drinks, tea’s, coffee’s and alcoholic beverages* for our adult and children visitors alike. You are however, allowed to bring your own birthday cake, we would just ask that you ensure that it is nut free.

Does Eddie Catz cater for food allergies and intolerances?

Yes. Eddie Catz has a wide range of options available to cater towards most food allergies and intolerances. Upon booking, please speak to a member of the team and inform them of your requirements and we will be able to provide you with our range of options. This is also applicable to our party extra’s menu for adult guests as well.

Do you provide adult food and how many does each platter serve?

Yes, Eddie Catz provides a range of delicious party platters for your adult guests, with prices ranging from £7 – £25 depending on the platter chosen. All of our party platters as an advisory measure serve between 6–8 adults, and need to be ordered in advance of your party taking place. We cannot guarantee availability if you decide to order on the day and the waiting time for your platter may be longer. You Party Host will also open a tab for drinks on the day for your adult guests and will be on hand to take orders.

Will the children be given a safety briefing before the laser tag?

Yes. The children will be briefed on how to use the laser guns and the health and safety prior to the first round of laser taking place.

How many laser guns do you have and what if there are more children than guns?

The number of guns varies in all of our centres. The number of players participating at any one time may vary subject to age and health and safety requirements for each of our centres. Your party host will evaluate what the maximum numbers of children are at any one time and inform you of the set up. All children will get an equal amount of playing time.

What type of Lasers do your guns have?

The lasers used in our laser systems are Class 2 with a maximum output of 1mW.  The UK government advisory website states the following for class 2 lasers:

Class 2 lasers are limited to a maximum output power of 1 milliwatt or one-thousandth of a watt (abbreviated to mW) and the beam must have a wavelength between 400 and 700 nm. A person receiving an eye exposure from a Class 2 laser beam, either accidentally or as a result of someone else’s deliberate action (misuse) will be protected from injury by their own natural aversion response. This is a natural involuntary response which causes the individual to blink and avert their head thereby terminating the eye exposure.

Additionally, the lasers are not permanently switched on; they are shot for split seconds at a time.

Eddie Catz appearance daily at all our centres

Please call your local centre to check times.

My daughter had the best birthday party ever at Eddie Catz – the children had non-stop fun followed by fab food and then danced with Eddie to their hearts delight!
Katie’s Mum

Thank you Eddie Catz for my great party. I LOVED every second and so did my friends.
Tom, age 9