Schools, Groups and Childminders


School & Group Visits

We welcome registered Play Groups, Clubs, Schools and Play Schemes and offer discounts for visits. You must be an authorised and registered body to take advantage of the discount.

School Prices

See the prices on the page of the Centre you wish to visit. A minimum of 10 children is required to qualify for the prices. The price includes:

  • Use of all play facilities for 2 hours, including eating time
  • Exclusive use of a party room with tables and benches (subject to availability)
  • Juice/squash and water for the children (not available in Leeds Mothercare)

Children may bring a packed lunch (no nuts please) or you can pre-order children’s hot or cold meals (£3.95 each)

How to book you School or Group Visit

Bookings should be made one week in advance of the visit and we would require an email confirmation from the organisation to accept the booking. No deposit is required and you can pay on the day of the visit by cash, credit card or company cheque. Please email us at [email protected] or call us on Tel. 0203 475 5268.


We also welcome Registered Childminders and their charges on weekday visits to Eddie Catz and offer discounted admission prices. To take advantage of these prices, the Childminder must bring valid proof that they are a registered childminder (i.e. a Childminder’s Registration Certificate), plus a proof of identity. We will then set up a customer account at Eddie Catz for the Childminder.

Proof of Identification

The following are the forms of proof of identity we accept, though other documents may be acceptable at the discretion of the Centre Manager. Proof of address documents must have been issued within the last six months.  Driving licence, Passport, Bank/Credit Card statement, Utilities bill, Rent book, Council Tax bill, State benefit document.

Risk Assessment

If you would like a copy of our Risk Assessment please email us at [email protected] specifying which centre you plan to visit and the date you have booked.

Childminder Prices

See the prices on the page of the Centre you wish to visit.

Special Needs Schools

Eddie Catz welcomes children from Special Needs Schools to play in a safe and secure environment that can stimulate senses and learning. We have quiet times during the week that are ideal for children needing close supervision. Some of our centres host exclusive SEN nights. Check our What’s On pages to see dates and booking information.

Why Visit Eddie Catz?

Areas of Learning and Development we cover

Eddie Catz offers excellent facilities in which children can enjoy physical activity or just a fun day out and develop other skills needed in life – social, risk taking, and judgement as well as creative and educational. Our facilities support four key elements of the Areas of Learning and Development within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

  • Interacting with other children in a safe, yet stimulating environment aids their Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Exploring their environment helps to build their self-confidence and self-esteem and encourages behavioural development and self-control.
  • The play facilities encourage exploration and investigation and develops Knowledge and Understanding of the World around. Exploring space and movement is a major part of the Eddie Catz experience.
  • The play frame and sports area are designed to help the Physical Development of all children. Using the equipment and materials available creates a fun way for the children to develop their movement and space co-ordination. The different levels allow each child, whatever their ability, to develop at their own pace.
  • First and foremost Eddie Catz is a space where children can let their imagination run wild. Imaginative play is a core foundation of Creative Play and the Eddie Catz team can support individual sessions within our studios, as well as within the play frame environment.

At Eddie Catz we know that ‘Every Child Matters’. We provide an Enabling Environment, which can support your pre-school or group environment. Through the Learning and Development framework we have created, we can help the children build Positive Relationships. We know that each child visiting our facility is A Unique Child and we ensure that each has a unique experience.

Eddie Catz appearance daily at all our centres

Please call your local centre to check times.

My daughter had the best birthday party ever at Eddie Catz – the children had non-stop fun followed by fab food and then danced with Eddie to their hearts delight!
Katie’s Mum

Thank you Eddie Catz for my great party. I LOVED every second and so did my friends.
Tom, age 9